Service Business Owners: How to earn a good wage. Jan 31, 2024

When I first started working for myself, I was very naive….green about alot of things! I remember my husband then boyfriend saying to me, the joy of a job is just doing the work and getting paid every month! Working for yourself, you have to find the work, do the work and get paid, not...

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The Feminine Financial Revolution, Becoming an Empowered Wealthy Woman Dec 29, 2023


For a long time in my life, managing my money was not a priority, I spent it freely and had a great time. When I started working for myself the art of earning and receiving money was key. Marriage brought another dimension: learning to navigate household finances. Now, I find myself at a...

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Are You Ready For Your Business Metamorphosis? Sep 05, 2023

Dear Business Owner, 

What has to happen for there to be a Metamorphosis in your business?

1. You need to know that you want a change in your business

2. You have to want it

3. You need a process and plan to help you make the changes 

4. You need to implement the plan

It seems obvious...

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18 Questions To Help You Create An Incredible 2023 2023 author business model business planning coach digital course expert marketing mission money new year online business online course teacher therapist trainer Dec 19, 2022

Have you ever created an incredible Year Planner only to find it a year later not touched?

Or you have looked at it every now and again but you did not implement it? 

Here are my top 18 questions to answer to help you create an incredible 2023 in your business! 


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FEA Create Quick Review Versus Kajabi - Should you sign up? click funnels fea create kajabi online entrepreneurs online platform Oct 21, 2022

Are you looking at the new FEA Create Platform?

Do you have shiny object syndrome? 

The new all-in-one platform FEA Create is out now - it offers a platform for online entrepreneurs. 

It offers multiple functions like website, social media planning, courses, calendar booking, forms and...

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How I Made Money On a Monday Without Working! coaches grow your business make money online business teachers therapists trainers Oct 18, 2022

The Problem

The problem I had when I started working for myself was that I continued to work as a PAYE worker. I was working 9-5, even some evenings and weekends.

I was so used to being asked by people - are you busy? Are you busy? Because their definition of success was to be busy! When really...

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MiniMasterclass Creating/Updating Your Website Mar 11, 2020

Mini Masterclass Creating/Updating Your Website 


Hey there,

Today's Video - Behind The Scenes Wednesday! Today we cover the following topics: 

A Mini-Masterclass About Your Website

  1. Your Website - what it takes to create or update your website
  2. Do you need a website? What's...
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Behind The Scenes Wednesday + Your Stuff Is Enough Get It Out There! Feb 12, 2020


9 Tips 10 mins Grab A Cuppa Now For A Learning Break!

This week's Behind The Scenes Wednesday Video (9mins45secs) is jam-packed with tips. Grab a coffee or herbal and take a learning break

  1. How To Get Over The February Slump
  2. Get Your Free Website Audit (...
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Behind The Scenes Wednesday + Growing Your Business Even When It Is Scary Nov 28, 2019


  1. Growing your business even when it’s scary!!
  2. How you structure your week for increased productivity
  3. Do you have a customer care policy?



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The Number 1 Reason Why You Are Not As Successful As You Could Be! Sep 13, 2018


  • Your Number One Reason Why You Are Not As Successful As You Could BE
  • Your Customer Axis, do you know what it is?
  • Are You In A Business Coma? Do you know how to get out of it?
  • The Solution To Fix The Number 1 Reason You Are Not Successful
  • ...
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Do you have terms and conditions in place for your business? Jul 11, 2018


Remember You Are Enough, You Can Do This! 

Keep turning up, 
Fact: We are all made of starstuff! 
Find yours within and #Keepshining 

Sending you inspired action with much Love,



Get Instant Access To The Online Business Training Camp


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