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Learn How To Double Your Income & Grow Your Business Online By Changing From Offering Services To Solutions. Learn The Products You Can Create to Help You Earn More And Work Less!

 This free training will change your next 12 months in business!

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Here are the top 7 things you will learn:

  1. Video 1 - Why create an online business? What is the next level in your business? 
  2. Video 2 - What are the 5 business models to help you leverage your time, knowledge and double your income
  3. Video 3 - What does it mean to have an online business plan? How to customise an online business plan for you to stay on track and ahead. 
  4. Video 4 - How to grow your business to leverage your knowledge and time and to make more money. 
  5. Bonus: How to get out of your own way, when you are the biggest thing holding yourself back.
  6. Bonus: How to set up your online business and what technology to use. 
  7. Bonus: What are your next steps?


Hi, I'm Your Online Business Mentor & Coach

Hey there, I'm Martha Fraser, your online business mentor and coach. I have grown my business online globally, leveraged my income and helped people all over the world. I'm here to show you how to get out of your own way so you can do the same, shine your light and share the magic you have inside you with so many more. If you are ready to double your income and grow your business online I will see you on the training. 

Lots of love