The Feminine Financial Revolution, Becoming an Empowered Wealthy Woman


For a long time in my life, managing my money was not a priority, I spent it freely and had a great time. When I started working for myself the art of earning and receiving money was key. Marriage brought another dimension: learning to navigate household finances. Now, I find myself at a point where I not only aim to earn more but also aspire to create lasting wealth. Part of me cringes when I write this, almost apologetically, as though I could not do this. This feeling haunted me when I first experienced it. Why do I feel like I do not deserve this?

Powerful Women

A few years ago, while watching the film I Am Woman about the renowned singer Helen Reddy, I was struck by how her immense fortune slipped away due to a lack of control over her finances. The same thing happened to Whitney Houston! This happened in the 70s and 80's, and yet, as we approach 2024, the resonance of this story still exists. I thought what a disgrace to her and all women who have gone before us to get women a vote, who worked so hard to get women able to have a bank account and all of the work to get equal pay and here I am not really managing my money. To be honest, my husband is a million times better at it, so I was letting alot of this to him. By not taking control, I was letting the Feminine Financial Lineage story still happen! 

Historical Habits

Some, or maybe even a lot of women, are perhaps how I was, not managing their money. Perhaps we are carrying historical habits from our parents and our lineage of how women were treated. Perhaps we have not fully stepped into our full power as women in our own lives by just taking control of our own money and wealth, I am calling this our Feminine Financial Revolution. 

From this personal journey emerged the birthing of the Empowered Wealthy Women Circle.A community I wanted to create and facilitate with guest experts where women could unapologetically learn to become empowered wealthy women. Initially, the idea felt discomforting, questioning the use of the term "wealthy". Who am I to do this? Who am I to create a group of empowered wealthy women? What would people think of me for doing this? And there it was, the judgment. I felt like I was apologising even before I got started for even having this thought of creating a wealthy life! 

This judgment made me realise how society and some women themselves still carry stories and beliefs about women and money, either consciously or subconsciously. As women, we carry the weight of historical financial oppression, reflected in our upbringing, seeing how our parents managed money and the stories passed down through generations. 

Women's Financial History 

Reflecting on women's rights history, it's evident that we've come a long way, yet we still carry remnants of the past with us. From restrictions on voting, jobs, and property to limited access to bank accounts in the 1960s to restrictions on contraception and equal pay, the journey toward financial equality has been difficult. It is over 50 years ago when women had to give up work when they got married. We have come a long way, but we still have a lot of internal work to do to let go of what we, as women, can do for ourselves. I know many women are rocking it financially. They may even read this and not get it. I salute you. For those of you who are reading this and nodding, it is our time now, too. Is being an empowered wealthy woman important when you look back on this history? Yes, it sure is!! 

The creation of the Empowered Wealthy Women Circle acknowledges these histories. It's a declaration that being an empowered, wealthy woman is not only important but also a reclaiming of our right to financial independence. This right has been worked on very hard for us to have it now, but many of us are not doing the work to take control of our own money and create our own wealth! No matter how much or little money you have, you can still take control of it. 

23 Coffees! Creating Wealth Unapologetically

I know I am not the only woman who wants to create more wealth in her life, and I want to do this unapologetically without having the icky feeling in her stomach. I want to feel empowered and just do this as though it feels natural and not something to be ashamed of. People have different perspectives on wealth. Some look down on it, but do people realise everyone has the right to manage their own money and create wealth. I believe women who create wealth can make an even bigger impact on the world, they can be even bigger changemakers of a better world. 

My personal journey with money involved overcoming various blocks while self-employed. Implementing the Profit First system and delving into Denise Duffield Thomas's Money Bootcamp opened my eyes to the power of money mindset. Each step, from earning my first €80, raising prices to charge 1000’s for the work I do,  to becoming better at managing my personal money and beginning to venture into the stock market, has been a learning experience. It felt so empowering to choose to put my money into stocks. It doesn’t take a lot of money to buy one share! In fact, I calculated the first share that I purchased was the price of 23 coffees! Today, anyone can buy stocks and shares. It is no longer as challenging as before. You can even buy them on Revolut! 

Learning To Play The Game 

It is how we spend our money and how we take control of it. And I am not saying to stop spending money or enjoying coffee. I love my almond cappuccino! But it is about learning to play the game of money and not just be a consumer but a wealth builder for yourself. 

I am still on my journey, and I have much to learn. I am not perfect. My money management isn’t perfect. But I feel like I have given myself permission to become empowered on my own wealth journey. I am on an exciting path to becoming an "Empowered Wealthy Woman", and I do not want to do it alone. I want this not just for myself but for all women. 

Being an empowered, wealthy woman isn’t about the amount of money you have in your bank account but it is about managing what you have, being in control and being open to create more wealth in your life. And wealth can come in many ways, not just money, I have set out 12 paths of wealth we all can create in our lives. I am learning through this process that being wealthy is a mindset of creating and receiving, whether that is money, health or anything else. It is understanding that you and I, as women, have the right to create and receive our own Wealthy Life in all aspects.  We have a right to be empowered wealthy women and do it our way. 

The Empowered Wealthy Woman Blueprint 

I want every woman to have the knowledge to be an Empowered Wealthy Woman. I have created 12 paths to helping us become even more Empowered Wealthy Women, and I want to give you the blueprint now.  

Empowered Wealthy Woman Blueprint:

  1. Income 
  2. Personal wealth management.
  3. Managing House Money
  4. Creating legacy wealth
  5. Impact wealth
  6. Inner Wealth 
  7. Environment Wealth 
  8. Time Wealth 
  9. Health Wealth 
  10. Family and Friends Wealth 
  11. Self Love Wealth
  12. Full Potential Wealth

Our First Event January 6th 2024 

The Empowered Wealthy Women Circle aims to give every woman the knowledge to embark on her empowered wealthy journey.

Join me on January 6th for our inaugural event—a unique afternoon tea coinciding with Little Christmas. This event is not just an opportunity to learn but an experience to shape your empowered wealthy woman story. Leave feeling empowered for 2024, ready to shift into your next level of being an empowered wealthy woman.

Are you joining me? This is a boutique, intimate event for 20 women.

Buy your ticket now! If you cannot make this event, buy your ticket for our next one in April!




P.S. For those of you who do not know about Little Christmas 

Little Christmas was traditionally a day when women got to put their feet up. Marking the official end to Christmas festivities, January 6 sees Irish tradition celebrate the women of Ireland with Nollaig na mBan, translating to “Women's Christmas”. I think it is powerful to hold the first event on this date. 

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