Do you sometimes wonder what tools your should use or equipment or what software apps could really help you? Let me save you time and money! 

I'm doing online business for years and I have tried a lot of apps and software and I have read a tonne of books. On this page I offer links to tools, books, software and more that I use or have used at some stage that I only recommend because they brought me value to my business and got me this far!

All of the items on this page have affiliate links so just to let you know I do receive a small payment if you purchase through these links. I appreciate you buying through these links as you are saving time, money and frustration that I have all ready gone through by figuring out what works!

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Are you ready to use smart systems to help you work better and smarter? You don't have to do everything yourself, in fact you shouldn't!! The smart entrepreneur knows there is an easier way and I'm here to share what has helped me and will also help you!


If you want to start on Kajabi this Starter Offer Is for you. Grab it now, start setting up your business at this lower cost and when ready you can expand. This offer is a great way to get started on an all in one platform that gives you everything you need! 

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Kajabi, the best online course software I have used! This is the all-in-one package that I wish I signed up to years ago!!!  Grab this extended 30 day trial here only with this link!



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Fiverr is a platform that offers AI-driven video editing tools designed to automate and streamline the video creation process. It provides features like automatic video transcription, smart editing capabilities, and collaborative tools for teams. The platform aims to save time and reduce the complexity involved in producing professional-quality videos. I use it create shorts from long videos. 


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Restream allows you to multiple your results for the same effort! Why go live on one platform when you can go live on many! Use Restream now to multiple your results with the same amount of time! 

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SmarterQueue, the social media management tool that boosts engagement by 10x and saves you hours each week. Get a free extended trial with my link here. I love that you can use it to recycle your content with it. You will always be visible even when you forget to post! 


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Vimeo is a video player that will host your online program videos with no adds and play them to your user with great quality.

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Thrive architect allows you to set up pages in minutes that look professional!



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Fiverr is one of the best resources for hiring, you may need to kiss some frogs before you find the right person. But then you have someone who will be an asset in your business.


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OnePageCRM is a fantastic tool to help you create and keep track of your sales pipeline. That which is managed is measured and works better. When I have used OnePageCRM my sales have doubled because I am sales focused! 



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I wanted to recommend zoom platform as a great video application for online meetings and webinars - for 50 participants it is only €14.99 !! 

Very easy to use, great quality meetings and great value.



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If you are looking to get a transcript of your video's or perhaps even write your book quicker, record your book using your voice app on your phone and then get a transcript of it - easy peasy!!

I am a proud parter of this service and receive a small referral fee.

This  is my app of choice for quick and reliable transcripts -

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Thrivecart is one of the best investments in my business! I use it to create checkout pages for my online products. This helps increase conversion rates. 
With Thrivecart checkout page they have a bullet list of reminders of what they are getting and also a testimonial to show how good this product is. 

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