Global Online Stars: Go Global Online From Home

Global Online Stars: Go Global Online From Home

Hosted by: Martha Fraser

Global Online Stars: Go Global Online From Home podcast is like mini-masterclasses in growing and expanding your business online. As a regular listener, you will grow your business and mindset to help you bring your...


How To Make €700 Without Working

Season #1 Episode #48

Do you provide a service? Would you like to know how to earn money without working with so many clients and getting burnt out? Listen to this episode to learn how to earn €700 without working with clients. When I...
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Taking Own-Your-Ship Of Your Business & Life

Season #1 Episode #49

In this episode I talk about balancing the heart and head of your life so that you can confidently run your business. Taking Own-Your-Ship is possibly the most important thing any business owner will do in their...
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Bye Bye 2022, Review, Reflect and Learn

Season #1 Episode #50

Bye Bye 2022 - Let’s Review, reflect and learn - step back to jump forward in 2023. Here are 21 questions to help you do exactly that: 1. What have you achieved financially of your 2022 goal? 1-10 2. Who do you feel...
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Your Abundant 2023, A New Way To Achieve Your Goals With Ease

Season #1 Episode #51

It is 2023, are you present? Are you working towards your goal? Who are you being? I have a whole new way of working towards your goals, I am learning a whole new approach that makes working towards your goals soooo...
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Ep52 Time To Review How You Work In Your Business

Season #1 Episode #52

Welcome to this great episode, grab a notepad, pen and your favoutie cuppa. I am going to help you take a look at your business, your vision, how you are working day to day and how are you enjoying your business, how...
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Metamorphosis For You and Your Business

Season #2 Episode #53

Metamorphosis - it is time to take an honest look at you and your business and see what you really need to change. September new energy is a great time to leap forward and step out and give this last quarter of 2023...
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EP1 - How To Restart Your Best Next 12 Months Now

Episode #1

In today's podcast ( my very first imperfect podcast - you will hear my talking clock in the background!)  I talk about how at any time you can give yourself the permission to restart your best next 12 months ANYTIME!...
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EP2 - How To Stop Tripping Yourself Up In Your Business

Episode #2

In today's podcast we talk about tripping ourselves up  Where we do it How we do it What happens when we do it Why we do it When we do it! And how to change it!
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EP3 - How to Identify If Your Expert Business Has Become A Working Trap!

Episode #3

In today's podcast we talk about is your business a trap!  Is your business a trap How do you know? How to get out of the working trap 3 ways you can expand your business online, create a new revenue stream, increase...
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EP4 - Random Online Business Nuggets To Help Your Success

Episode #4

In today's podcast we talk these 3 topics: How small thoughts, that you think do not matter, can sabotage your whole business ! And 2 examples of it!  Do you have full control of your website? And why it is...
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EP5 - 5 Steps To Organise Your Week To Get Your Sh*t Done!

Episode #5

In today's podcast I am giving you these 5 steps to finally stop procrastinating and get your shit done!! In this Episode, you will learn: Why creation is your enemy Why too document litter is burying your...
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EP6 - What does it mean to be the Global Online Star Of Your Industry?

Episode #6

In today's podcast we talk about what it means to be the online star of your industry.  We review the various components of your business Your product Your marketing You Your Team Your Customers Your Website and...
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