FEA Create Quick Review Versus Kajabi - Should you sign up?


Are you looking at the new FEA Create Platform?

Do you have shiny object syndrome? 

The new all-in-one platform FEA Create is out now - it offers a platform for online entrepreneurs. 

It offers multiple functions like website, social media planning, courses, calendar booking, forms and surveys, and more. 

When I heard this was out, I took a look and I had a little bit of Shiny Object Syndrome - I changed over to Kajabi last year. I love it but like all platforms, it is not perfect however I really do like it. 

However, when I saw the price of FEA Create AND all the other functions it offered, it did make me think - do I want to change platform? 

Spoiler alert - I don't! I'm sticking with Kajabi (for now!) , it is solid, has amazing customer support, and does exactly what I need.

However, I still do recommend it!! Read below why!


FEA Create My Likes and Dislikes 

I like:

  1. They have a CRM, calendar scheduler and social media planner included. 
  2. They have a media library for the website.
  3. They have conversations and can DM with people on the platform. 
  4. They have forms and surveys, handy. 
  5. They have a chat widget.
  6. They have SMS! 
  7. They have metrics on your reputation. This is exciting because it helps you the entrepreneur understand it is not just about creating marketing but becoming more visible.
  8. The price is a great carrot right now, this will get alot of people onboard, however, I wonder how many will stay. 
  9. I like Carrie Green and I'm impressed with what she has done, I do feel versions 4,5,6 etc of this software will be much better like all things.  
  10. All the unlimited products, funnels and website etc is amazing - I imagine this cannot last. So for those who get in now what a great bonus! 

I don't like: 

  • They did not develop this full platform themselves, they are using a software company that developed the software and it looks like they put their branding on the dashboard but not the rest. 
  • This also concerns me about any issues with the software - how quickly will they get resolved? If they are not the full owners of the platform. Who really owns the platform? but I guess these are hopefully easily answered. Carrie Green is a trusted, successful and reliable entrepreneur, I'm sure it is in good hands. 
  • The funnels, websites, and workflows are clunky, it is not really in my opinion as user-friendly as Kajabi or other platforms I have used. However, it is a great starting platform for people who want to get all of the above in one package and I think this could be also just something different, like everything when you are used to a new platform it feels perfectly fine. 
  • I don't like the inconsistency in the branding across the platform - it feels like being on 2 different systems. However, I do feel this will change over time. and it is just not enough to get upset over. 
  • There are other costs that are not obvious like google cloud hosting. Also if you have your own email account you will need your own hosting for your email account. But you will need all of these anyway no matter what platform you are on. 
  • You have to also sign up to mailgun - although not a massive cost another addon. Kajabi email works end of story with no add on.  
  • There are no affiliate function but I hear that is coming. 

Why I am staying with Kajabi!

  1. It is super easy to use.
  2. The user interface is very clean and simple
  3. It is very reliable, and after having issues on other platforms, this is very important to me. You only appreciate this when you lose it! 
  4. It does exactly what I need it to do, sure I would love a CRM added in and social media planning but it does the big core functions I need. 
  5. Kajabi is used by 1,000's world wide, I trust it. 
  6. The website and funnel builder is super easy! I built a funnel recently so quickly!
  7. Yes Kajabi is more expensive but it is worth it in my opinion, the platform and customer support are second to none. If you want a professional platform ready to serve you I recommend Kajabi. 
  8. I have my website, funnels, products, my offers, email manager, blog, automation, forms,, and events, and more, all on Kajabi. I also have the option to move my podcast onto Kajabi - which I am really thinking of doing next! 
  9. I'm committing to Kajabi for 3 years at least - my focus is not on going to the next shiny platform but on making my big vision happen with my offers like Global Online Stars.

Why Do I still recommend FEA - Create!

However, if you are starting off or looking to change platforms and you are looking for an all-in-one platform for less than 100 bucks a month!! This is pretty awesome. You will get your social planner, calendar, email manager and website, and much more all for less than 100 bucks a month.

Ok, there is an add-on for hosting and mailgun, but that won't be too much extra and you most likely need to get this for whichever platform you are on. So if I was starting off I would love this. So yes go for it if you want everything all in one for a low price. This could be the best decision you ever made! 

Every platform has a learning curve. No platform is perfect. There will be pro's there will be cons. However, that platform that you put time into and focus on growing your business will be the one that works for you!

You could sign up to FEA Create even just for the CRM, calendar and social planner! 

I think Kajabi and other platforms better watch out because this platform is really bringing everything that an online entrepreneur needs! 


Kajabi 30-Day Trial

If you want to get a 30-day trial of Kajabi - a very reliable solid and easy-to-use all-in-one platform for online entrepreneurs here is my partner link click here.

I don't have a partner link yet for FEA Create.  

Please note, yes I am a proud Kajabi partner, for anyone who signs up for Kajabi, I get a small payment. I REALLY only recommend software I have used myself or feel will really benefit my customers. 



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