Are You A Secret Star?

Last week I was walking past one of the kid's old camping chairs Hanna Montana, across the back of it, it said Secret Star! 

It made me think all the time when I started my business but just wasn't ready to share my message or who I was. I kept myself offline as much as I could subconsciously and when I went online my knees rattled together, my stomach was full of anxiety and I just could about bare it! I cannot begin to tell you the amount of anxiety it caused me becoming Visible in my business! But I had a deep desire within me, I knew I was meant for more. 

Fast forward to now, and I share my message daily online because I have shifted completely in my mindset and my vision for what I want to create. 

I wish someone had shared what I know now with me I would have saved years of my life, business and family arguments about my business! 

I am on a mission to help ambitious women who despite their fears have something to share, and come to the other side where fear doesn't exist and you leap forward instead of crawling with self sabotage!

If you have ever felt the pain of not showing up, even though you want to because you have a whisper in your heart of your dream business, you know you are meant for more, where you show up like star you know you can be and make a massive impact helping people globally.

When I say star I don't mean some celebrity I just mean that you are finally shining to your full potential, bringing all your light and gifts to the world, no longer hiding them. No longer being a secret star! 

If it is your time to shine there are 3 ways I can help you right now. 

  1. The Visibility Cure, self study program click here to learn more.  price 7 Coffees
  2. Startup Stars, Make 3k-5k a month, intensive 6 month program to help you get started correctly and make consistent 3k-5k months, first 4 weeks Free! investment 12 coffees/month! Click here to learn more
  3. Global Online Stars, evergreen mastermind for ambitious women who are determined to maximize their business and create multiple streams of digital income, so they can earn past the capacity of their time and enjoy more time off. Pay for one year, get lifetime access! Click here to learn more. 

Ready to stop being a Secret Star?

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You have got this! and it is your time to shine! 



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It Is Your Time To Shine, Decide Today, You Got This! 

I am here to help you ignite your light and your success!




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