Make More in 2024

Season #2 Episode #55

Dear Star Business Owner, 

I know every year, everyone wants to improve their business whether that is more income or a better run business. In this episode, I give you 3 sections to help you answer what is it you need to Make More In 2024!

So grab your pen and paper and as always your favourite cuppa. I'm here, I have got your back and I believe in you! 

So let's make it happen! 

Section 1: Review

  1. What worked in the last year and the years before it?
  2. What didn't work last year and the years before it?
  3. Where are you not clear in your business plan? ( Do you have a business plan?)
  4. Are you clear in these 3 important sections of your business - Offers, Audience and Marketing - OAM?
  5. What will you do differently in 2024?

Section 2: Plan 

  1. How can you be more visible?
  2. How can you make more offers?

Section 3: Your Mindset

  1. What has been holding you back?
  2. What will propel you forward? 

Let's make 2024 Your Best Year Ever!! 

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It is your time to shine, as you and share your Magic!