Global Online Stars: Go Global Online From Home

Global Online Stars: Go Global Online From Home

Hosted by: Martha Fraser

Global Online Stars: Go Global Online From Home podcast is like mini-masterclasses in growing and expanding your business online. As a regular listener, you will grow your business and mindset to help you bring your...


Metamorphosis For You and Your Business

Season #2 Episode #53

Metamorphosis - it is time to take an honest look at you and your business and see what you really need to change. September new energy is a great time to leap forward and step out and give this last quarter of 2023...
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Get Your First Sale

Season #2 Episode #54

In this episode, I talk about what it takes to get your first sale online, how I got started online, how I made my first sale and those essential steps that are STILL the best marketing methods today. Quote: "Small...
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Make More in 2024

Season #2 Episode #55

Dear Star Business Owner,  I know every year, everyone wants to improve their business whether that is more income or a better run business. In this episode, I give you 3 sections to help you answer what is it you...
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8 Questions to Start Your New Service Business or Side Income

Season #2 Episode #56

Hey there In today's episode I give you 8 questions to help you start your new service business or side income.  I am also listing them here so you can easily do your notes.  Who is your audience? How do you want to...
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How To Know If You Are All-In Your Business or Just Big Toe Dipping!

Season #2 Episode #57

Hey there Star Business Owner Do you sometimes see other business owners who are perhaps a few levels above you? And you wonder what is the difference? More often than not, they are ALL-IN and you are probably Big Toe...
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Start Messy Get Results Quickly

Season #2 Episode #58

In today's episode, I talk about Starting Messy Get Results Quickly!! Do you want to start a new service business? A New project? A New Side Income? In this episode I give you a framework of how to start quickly and...
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Is One Income Stream Enough?

Season #2 Episode #59

Hi there,  In today's episode I ask you some questions about a side income!  Is 1 Income Stream enough? What could a side income do for you?  What would be the benefits for you now and later? Have a listen and answer...
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R.E.A.L. Leadership with Trevor Ó Clochartaigh

Season #2 Episode #60

Today I spoke with Trevor Ó Clochartaigh who I saw speak recenly at Galway Tedx on R.E.A.L Leadership. Today we talk about R.E.A.L Leadership in the workplace and in your own Life. I talked to Trevor about how his...
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