The Number 1 Reason Why You Are Not As Successful As You Could Be!


  • Your Number One Reason Why You Are Not As Successful As You Could BE
  • Your Customer Axis, do you know what it is?
  • Are You In A Business Coma? Do you know how to get out of it?
  • The Solution To Fix The Number 1 Reason You Are Not Successful
  • 15 Questions To Help You Get Crystal Clear About Your Customer
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Hi Martha here 🙂

Ok so this morning I'm a like a little old-fashioned kettle blowing off steam.... 


Because I am mad, angry and frustrated for you! and here is the reason why.

I know something that you might not, The Number 1 Reason Why You Are Not As Successful As You Could Be!! Yes, I do! Because I made the exact same mistake and I see it with ALL of my clients. 

So here it is...... 


You Do Not Take The Time To Really Understand Your Customer!!


So are you nodding?

You have heard of the Ideal Client, Ideal Avatar, Best Customer exercise, you attempted it a couple of times and that homework is stuck in a folder somewhere and you NEVER look at it!! Am I right?

So recently I was working with a client and she wanted to create a Facebook audience and said what do you think of this? Well, I said it is a bit vague and doesn't sound like your ideal customer, does it?

This was a lightbulb Moment For Her! And now maybe you too! Yes, the people you are advertising to should be your information from your ideal client exercise! 



Your Customer Axis!


Another thing I see a lot of with my clients and perhaps you too, is not really understanding the problem you are solving. This goes for ALL businesses!! I also had mastermind clients last Sunday on a full day meet up, one of my clients had created an outline of her next online program but yet she wasn't sure what exact problem she was solving, she knew the Ideal client she was addressing but not the problem. If we cannot name the problem, we cannot name the solution and if you are confused, so will be your customer. And we all know a confused customer does not buy! 

Here is another example: I was teaching a class once to small business owners and I said to one business owner why is your delivery service important to your customer. They couldn't answer me, they hadn't taken the time to find the words to understand their business or service. If they had taken the time to find the words, they could have communicated it correctly in their marketing and advertising.  It was important because the person ordering was a mother, who was short on time and needed a little extra help in getting this product. Because she had a few kids and getting out of the car with the 3 kids into the store, buy the product, back out to the car, strap all the kids into the car, battle the traffic and get home was just too much! Wouldn't it have been amazing to use some of this in their marketing -


"Hey we have the crazy battle of your trip to the store with the kids covered,  just click and order for free, your baby formula and baby package here,  now go make yourself a cuppa you deserve it.

Your Favourite Easiest Store To Shop

P.S. Here is a discount coupon on your favourite tea! We got your back"


So PLEASE listen to me, it took me 10 years to learn this! So for your sake please listen 🙂 


Your #Idealcustomer has several problems they want solving, there is always a top 3, I am coining these as the Customer Axis and one of which is the BIGGEST.  Your #customer is rotating around these problems. #MarthaFraserCustomerAxis 

An Axis is an imaginary line about which a body rotates. Your CustomerAxis is the area you need to focus on! It is your job to understand your Customer Axis! Who they are, what are their problems and what solutions are they looking for.

Are You In A Business Coma?


When I first started my business I was so busy trying to run to the finish line to get my rewards, it was like going to the Olympics without training! I had missed some crucial steps,  unknown to myself at the time, unconsciously in my not so impressive new business wisdom I thought I could skip !! LOL, not so funny when you are realising things are not working and you wonder why?

Like putting a lamp together and not attaching a plug for the light to work doh !! I had heard of the Ideal Customer Avatar, of course I had!! I have even attempted to do the exercise. But I was too busy for that!! Sound familiar? I was too busy to get to know my customer! I was too busy creating products and trying to sell them, trying to make money, trying to run a business, TRYING!!

But not actually stopping to realise, I really had not taken the time out to STOP and actually think about my customer.... I'm almost embarrassed to say that, but I had just started the business, I didn't know that this really should be your FIRST step. I didn't know what I didn't know.... maybe you too?


"When I started out, I didn't know that REALLY understanding my #customer, REALLY is and always will be your first step in ANY #Business!"



Do You Have The Same Yo-Yo Pattern? 


So when my lightbulb went off that I really needed to take the time out to understand my customer, I wish I could say I did what I should have. However, I didn't! I spent some time working on my customer avatar, really only half-hearted. AGAIN my impatience for results was making me book out my calendar with clients and product launches, these were REALLY IMPORTANT. This was a repeated pattern until I FINALLY woke up and I really did stop. I learned I needed something really valuable, I needed PATIENCE. Because I knew I was climbing all these ladders and finally, I realised they were against the wrong walls. 


"Finally, I realised that my #customer should be the centre of my universe. FINALLY, I COULD SEE !!! What was right in front of me!" -



So once I awoke from my business coma I realised I had to STOP everything. I needed to review my offers, my customer and my customer axis. Who they are and what are their specific problems. It was like a fog had lifted and I could see the light, hallelujah !!  


The Solution To Fix The Number One Reason You Are Not Successful Right Now


So let me give you the solution that you need right now to help you get to know your customer. 

  • First schedule time in your calendar to focus on your Customer Axis. 
  • Then review if you are working in the right area of your business, your unique brilliance. What offers, products and services that you are busy selling are you really happy with. 
  • Then it is time to look at your ideal customer, you may have more than one. (but do not have too many!) Really get into it, fall in love with the process of getting to know your customer. Answer these 15 questions. 
  1. Are they a business or an individual?
  2. What are  their age and job? 
  3. What are their education level and relationship status?
  4. What is their location, zip code?
  5. Any big life events happening for them right now?
  6. What do they like or dislike?
  7. What are their challenges and biggest problem?
  8. What are their goals and priorities right now?
  9. What is the reason they haven't solved their biggest problem right now?
  10.  Where are they stuck in their business or life?
  11. What do they love doing, where they are now in their life?
  12. What is their budget? 
  13. Where do they hang out in real life, what websites do they like and what apps do they love and use every day?
  14. What are the words they use to describe their problems? 
  15. What would make their life and problems easier?


15 Questions To Help You Get Clear


Congratulations! You just got a little step closer to getting to know your customer. So here is the fun part of taking this information, going a little deeper and ACTUALLY using it in your business! Here is what you need to do next! 

  1. Go deeper on your customer avatar and customer axis. 
  2. Review your offers, products and services.
  3. Nail the language of your offers, products and services.
  4. Review your sales pages. 
  5. Review your Facebook/Google ads
  6. Create advertising audiences that include all of your new found information. 
  7. Run your business customer focused! 




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