Create A List Of Your Top HashTags In 3 Steps

Create A List Of Your Top HashTags In 3 Steps

Have you ever written a post on twitter or instagram and just added some random hashtags?

Yes? Me too!

Always too busy to find the time to gather your list of correct hashtags. Well now is the time friends and I want to show you how in 5 easy steps!

So create a new document and let’s get it done!

5 Steps To Create Your List Of Great Hashtags!


Step 1: Identify Your Business SEO Keywords

Identify your keywords of your business, what is your business all about? List out your key phrases.

Try to remember what you think is a key phrase may not be what people are typing in to their google searches. Use Google keyword planner. Click my Google Keywords Tool Planner tutorial video below to learn how to use it.  You could be making a mistake like one client of my mine some years ago who was using elearning courses in their SEO when after using the keyword tool planner I found everyone was searching for online courses as opposed for elearning. So get cracking! Schedule in some time to come back and do this. Copy the url of this blog post into your scheduled time so you know where to come back to. 


Step 2: Review Your Competitors Hashtags

Yes, a part of me feels cringe worthy when I type this, no one wants to copy from competitors it is just not cool or good for your business. However, Hashtags are just recycled around the world so in my view it is generic work not copying!  So check out your top 5 competitors on instagram and twitter. On instagram you can have 30 hashtags. So see what they are using on instagram and then see what top hashtags they are using on twitter, as you can really only use a handful on twitter.


Step 3: Check Out This Website

This is just too easy! Check this website,

Enter in a keyword and get a string of top keywords.

For example enter Fitness, Health, marketing. From this image even from just entering the word marketing you will see that digitalmarketing has higher likes than onlinemarketing as hashtags, so this tool will also not just give you ideas on what hashtags to use but also on the ones not to use!


Ok 3 simple steps if you even just do one of these steps you will be further than where you are now! So like all things take action!



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