8 Business Lessons To Learn From Dyson

8 Business Lessons To Learn By Dyson


What can we learn from Dyson?

As I declutter my office preparing for September I find the Dyson story book that came with our last Dyson purchase. I thought it was such a good idea I kept it, planning on writing about it eventually. 12 little pages that connects the new customer even a little bit more, that weaves the customer brand web a little bit thicker and tells the story of James Dyson inspired by a local saw mill giant cyclone that spun saw dust out of the air, to apply the same principle to end vacuum bags.


Lesson 1: Inspiration can come from anywhere.

5 years and 5,127 prototypes later – the bagless Dyson with no loss of suction was born.


Lesson 2: Never give up

Despite almost bankruptcy, he continued to invest in patents, which paid off in 1999, in a court battle with Hoover.


Lesson 3: Do things right from the start. 

Dyson continued to change and grow, carving their ideas into new technology and applying some previous invention ideas that James had worked on to create The Dyson Ball.


Lesson 4: Ideas, Inventions are never dead...

...but always available to be recycled, keep a document of ideas, products, services you have created before, one part could be the linchpin to something in the future.

The Dyson digital motor is 5 times faster than a formula 1 car engine.


Lesson 5: Aim for greatness, be inspired by other areas of technology. 

The JamesDysonFoundation.com inspires young people to solve problems and engineering challenges.


Lesson 6: Inspire the next generation.

Dyson machines are exhibited in Museums around the world and received global awards.


Lesson 7: Create something inspiring that people will want to look at, read or listen to and is recognised globally for going that step further to be different and better. 

And of course, the most important lesson of all share your story with your customer, find pockets of opportunity where your story will fit in: a book, an audio, a leaflet, a frame, a picture, a video, a social media post, a blog. There are so many ways in which your customer does not know you or your business yet, or what you believe in or dream about and how it might help them.


Lesson 8: Write out the story of your business, your mission statement, what you believe in and the future dreams of your business.

Make a list of all the formats in which you could share these nuggets of connection to your business. Spend some time brainstorming your customer journey and see the perfect opportunities waiting for your story to be told, connecting you and your customer even more, just like our friend and determined clever inventor James Dyson.




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