When Life Puts Your Business Off Track, Lessons Learned

When Life Puts Your Business Off Track, Lessons Learned

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

The last month has been ​to say the least like been thrown in the washing machine of life. On September 8th my husband collapsed, while I was visiting friends in London and going to Gabby Bernstein’s event The Universe Has Your Back. Well, it seemed that day the universe didn’t have our backs because the month that followed felt like we were waiting for candid camera to come and tell us it was one big joke. But unfortunately no one came to tell us that. Instead we found out my husband had a brain tumor, thankfully operable and we have a plan of action.


Why I Went Off The Grid For A While

So I wanted to write to you to tell you why I kind of fell off the grid for a couple of weeks and hope you understand. Part of me didn’t want to write this message, because then it was a little more real and also I didn’t feel I wanted to pass my news onto my clients and customers, but a friend told me ‘Martha your customers are going to notice you are not quiet 100%, so you better explain’ so here I am taking her advice.

I won’t lie it has been a very tough few weeks, my husband is on a surgery list and we are moving forward with the plans. To be honest he is rock solid and so positive. It is the unknown that really is the scariest part, however I am taking a leaf from his book and going with the plans and of course I’m praying and meditating a lot more.


So what happened to my business financially?

Well thankfully I have a few projects that have re-occurring income so these kept going, I had to extend my mastermind group by one month as I felt I didn’t give my 100% in the month all this happened, thankfully I have amazing and understanding clients.

Two things that happened that I couldn’t avoid were the following.

I had just started a new program, in beta trial and I was building the plane while flying it and honestly I had to stop building. I had to give a couple of refunds, but that is ok because my problems are not theirs and I genuinely understood.

I was also meant to be doing a launch of my signature program Create and Launch Bootcamp and Mastermind, instead I was sitting in a hospital for 12-14hrs waiting for doctors, waiting for results. This was not in my 2017 Strategy plan!!


Lessons Learned​

  • ​So the lessons I have learned from this, is how important meditation is not just when things are going right but even more so when things are going on a different track.
  • I should have contacted my VA straight away and asked her to manage more work and notify clients.
  • Thank god for re-occurring income.
  • Have more of my launch auto-mated so that it could have still gone ahead but with less of me live in it.
  • Last week because myself and himself are tax assessed together, in this stressful time I had to spend my evenings doing my 2016 tax return because we needed to sort out our finances. this was one of the best lessons as every year I say I will do it monthly and I don’t. Well I do not ever want to be in this situation ever again. I know I could hand it over completely to my book keeper but there are incredible lessons by doing your own books. More on that in another email.
  • I learned in the last few weeks REALLY how precious life is and how much BS we allow to hold us back. I felt like I went through a white door of reality, we only have 1 life, all the procrastination and self sabotage we do is unreal. As I flew on an emergency flight home from London to see my husband EVERYTHING went through my head. My sabotage and self doubt flung off me like an un-necessary winter coat I had been dragging around behind me. The problem is I can’t pass on this feeling to you only relay to you how important it is to let it go IMMEDIATELY.
  • Work towards creating a business that you can have 50%-75% of it run without you or maybe even 100%

I am back in action, I am back to work stronger and even more determined to shine and help my clients benefit from this too.

Sometimes you have to go through it to feel it but I plan on passing every lesson on to my clients to make sure they have a rock solid business they can walk away from should they need to and still have income flowing in!

All the best, keep shining and go for it.


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