How I Made Money On a Monday Without Working!

Make Money On Monday Without Working

The Problem

The problem I had when I started working for myself was that I continued to work as a PAYE worker. I was working 9-5, even some evenings and weekends.

I was so used to being asked by people - are you busy? Are you busy? Because their definition of success was to be busy! When really you don’t want to be busy but making a profit and working less. This is the whole point of working for yourself, is it not?

I slowly began to change things, first no weekend work, then no evening work, then working only school hours. When I started changing my hours it made me look at my business model and my business as a whole. 

The problem was I had just created a job for myself, not a business. I was working hours and getting paid. I didn’t have something to sell that didn’t require me! 

The problem was I had nothing to sell other than my time! 


Who has the problem and why? and….10 Questions Business Owners Need To Ask Themselves!

So if you are a business owner who provides a service, you also probably worked as a PAYE worker at some stage. So you too were used to working hours and getting paid. And probably carried this on to your business, work hours get paid, work more hours, get paid more…etc…

Never really taking time out to think about the type of business you want to create. 

  • What is your business vision and mission?
  • What is the problem you want to solve?
  • Who is your customer?
  • What is your business model? 
  • What is your growth strategy? 
  • What is your business scaling strategy?
  • What is working now? What is not working now?
  • How do you want your work-life balance to change?
  • What would your ideal day look like?
  • Where do you want to be in your business and life in 1-3 years' time with this business?


How most people solve the problem

Most people unfortunately do not solve the problem of selling their time for money. Yes, they can grow their business and be successful at it, but perhaps also be exhausted. They see what they are doing as working, despite the fact that they have no freedom for themselves. Possibly no time to even enjoy life, because you might be still caught in the PAYE worker's trap working long hours, feeling exhausted, and getting paid. When you create a business you have choices and other choices that you forget you even have! 


How I solved the problem

This week, I started my week on a Monday morning with an online yoga class followed by swimming with a great bunch of people doing the swim-a-mile challenge which we hadn't planned! I didn’t make the mile but am proud of my 1000m reached. I’m not an amazing swimmer but I get there! Like everything I started as a beginner and guess what I’m still learning, so much to learn and improve with swimming! This is the next level of business for me, enjoying life while making money. For way too long I was stuck at the desk. Not living and only thinking about work. It became addictive until I realized what I was doing. 

Until I realized I had choices. I could work differently. I could work the hours I choose. This is one of the big benefits of working for yourself. The freedom of working time and choosing when you work. 

The work still has to get done but I choose my hours and when, I am definitely coming to the desk a better happier person. 


So how did I make money on a Monday without working?

  • I have online products that I can sell,
  • I have a marketing strategy that attracts new leads. 
  • I have automated free training for leads which brings them to the sale of my product. 
  • I have set up to automatically onboard new customers to my product so I don’t even have to be there. 
  • This is an automated money-making machine that brings in new customers and new income. 


Why people don’t choose the money-making solution?

Because …

  • Fear of the online world?
  • Fear of working online?
  • Fear of creating digital products will it really work?
  • Fear of working online and all that technical stuff they are not good at (tip you do not have to set things up yourself!) 
  • Fear of being visible online and in social media ( we all have this at some stage and I have great hacks to get over it!)
  • Fear of having to change and you don’t have the time or energy!
  • Fear of what your customers will think of you working online, will it dilute your business (ah no it will not!)
  • Fear that working online is not as professional (ah yes it is! You get to serve even more people! )
  • Fear of could it really be that easy… can be! It requires work to create your product and setup but once done it can be that easy once you are ready to allow it to be and create a path for your customers to find you and buy an online product from you. 
  • Fear of what if it fails….this is a big one that prevents alot of people from starting! Here is the thing, it might fail, or it might succeed, you will never know unless you try and put in a good effort. Nothing comes from nothing! You have to start and keep going! 


Why do people eventually choose the solution?

Eventually, as you get older you realize that you want more time off with family and friends. You realize that life is for living. You realize you can live so much more if you allow yourself to look at your life and see how much more living you could actually be doing. 

The caveat, this is not a get-rich-quick approach, this takes time and work to build your own money-making machine but once you create it and you keep improving it, well the rest of the story is up to you! There are no rules, and there are no limits but you could build something that does not require you to work 9-5 Monday - Friday. You could have a product and it is up to you to show and sell it to the world of people who need it! 

You just have to ask yourself, how would you like to spend your Monday Mornings?

That choice is yours. 

You can learn how in my Free Training The Online Business Training Camp where you will learn how to move your business from services to solutions, double your income and grow your business online. 

This is for you if you provide a service and you want to learn a new way to make income, provide for your customers and perhaps build your business in a different way and get more of your life back!

I hope this article has helped you, please message me if you have any questions.



P.S. When I wrote this title, part of me cringed because I felt guilty for not working on a Monday and making money! Still got some old mindset stuff to work on!! Who am I to do this...who am I not to do this!  I felt what will people think! Then I realized others want this too, so I am letting go of the cringe and sharing this with you anyway! #Peoplewilljudgeyouanyway #shineandshareyourmagic

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