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Martha Fraser is the online business mentor and coach for women who despite their fears of growing their business online want to Go Global From Home while learning to create their best life for themselves and their family. They want to finally share their magic with the world and really make a difference. The time of hiding under a rock is gone, it is time to shine to your full potential, even with knees knocking! 

She helps women uplevel themselves and their businesses so they can sell their services, products, and digital products globally around the world, all while sipping a cuppa from home!  

She is the founder of the Global Online Stars Program and Podcast - both helping you to Go Global From Home!

She has helped 1000's of people all over the world and her podcast is listened to in 41 countries! 

Martha is a mum of 2 gorgeous girls, she lives in a renovated 200 year old cottage in the west of Ireland, a place she calls her piece of paradise. The perfect place to Go Global From Home

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Hey there, Nice To Meet You...virtually!


Thank you for coming by! You are here because you want to know perhaps if we connect, if I'm a real person and if my journey can help you on your journey! 

My biggest journey has been growing myself and my business online. I have to say these 2 things because without you growing you your business will not grow. So when I work with people I help both you and your business - they are entertwind! 

I have had a great journey and I would love to tell you about it, so grab a cuppa and read below or if you are a visual person watch the video! 


Online Learning Industry Poised for $107 Billion- TJ McCue, Forbes


Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is to be seen for who we truly are….here is my story


My adventure started in 2010 when I was made redundant, 7 months pregnant, from a corporate company as part of a group redundancy and my options were limited at the time. Over the next 3 years, while finishing a diploma in nutrition and having my family, I had started absorbing and teaching social media, the tech geek inside me couldn’t be kept quiet! I was constantly studying the new trends in the US, what was working and what wasn’t.

I started teaching social media in private classes and also for the Local Enterprise Office Galway.

In 2013 after teaching social media and spending some time setting up a Nutritional Therapy practice which wasn’t making enough money with 1:1 clients, and also the new pressure of my husband now commuting to work in London, and also with a 2 year old and 9 month old, I knew I needed to make more money or it was a family immigration to the UK, I knew I needed to move my business online.

To be 100% honest, I was ready to make this work to bring my family, back together. I’m not there yet but I am getting closer. Sometimes the best fuel is personal goals, everyone needs to understand their WHY, why they are doing what they are doing and how much do they want it! 

You can be damn sure when my girls ask where is Daddy, I top up my WHY and I know I WILL make this work.

My husband couldn’t understand how I could make money online selling my knowledge but I knew I could, so to prove him wrong, as wives like to do!, I went up to the office on a Friday night and I created my first online program. It was simply a facebook group, a pdf and a lot of passion to help people. 

On the 27th of September 2013,I made my first online sale of 12! I will never forget it, I danced around the office! By the end of the weekend I had 40 people signed up and payments in my Paypal account!





In 2014 I was running 2 different businesses nutrition business and social media business, 2 kids and a commuting husband. I continued studying top trends and mentors. I tried out various online business models, from low priced programs to high priced long-term programs, I have applied various business models both online and to my offline business.

 2014 was my year of Real-Online-life Learning.

In 2015 I finally listened to one very good piece of advice the man who chases 2 rabbits will not catch either! I knew I had to focus on one of my businesses and– that was teaching self-employed people who wanted to make more income from the online space the tech know-how they needed. 

So like all good businesses I decided to niche, committed to one business and then increased my online income by 900% (see graph).

You see over the last few years as I was gaining clarity, I was building something very important, actually probably the most important part of any business….a community. 

“You cannot have a cesssuccessful business without a sucful community”


The Missing Piece

I had all of the knowledge, I had nearly..everything I needed to make it work but something was holding me back in 2013 the belief in myself and clarity on my business model. It took me some time to get crystal clear on who I am, what I offer, who I offer it to and what I provide.

I knew if I had believed in myself more in 2013 I would have got further faster. I knew this was something that holds a lot of people back.

I realized there was a need to bring a lot more to people than just Tech.


So now I am stepping up even more and bringing people an exciting event and master program on Mindset, Strategy, and Technology for people selling information, services or products online.

After my adventure journey, where you can gather stats on online income and customers however, you can’t measure the tears and breakdowns it took to get there, I want to help people avoid some of the lessons I had to learn the hard way.

I want to create a space of experts to give you this knowledge.





The Dream


All self-employed people take on enormous personal pressures to make their dream come true. If you do not have the right mindset and clarity to go with your strategy and technology, you will take a lot longer to reach your dream, if at all you do and with a lot of personal stress.

There are many advantages of online business, no premises, no overheads of brick and mortar, flexibility of time and place and straight-forward online payments, and most of all freedom to live your life the way you want to live it, with an audience of millions, your income is only limited by your vision, passion and work ethic.

The limitless opportunities of leveraging your knowledge of real-world business experience to reach beyond your local area and to go global expanding your market and income globally is no longer limited by your location, or footfall, no longer trading time for income, as your online income increases…but do not be deluded, it does take work, there isn’t a magic online pill you can take, but if this is a space you are interested in, then you can contact me.


I have had the courage to shine and create my business, let me help you and how you how you can too!


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