EP12 - 6 Step Business Emergency Plan

Episode #12

In today’s episode I talk about the 6 Steps to manage your business in an emergency, these tips can also apply to help you go on holidays or take a work sabbatical. 

Here are the 6 points:

  1. How your business friends can help you
  2. How having an emergency plan will help you feel ready for any situation. 
  3. Setting up your automations and accounts. 
  4. Setting up your team for a crisis.
  5. Content …. Just to have! 
  6. Take time off, be kind to yourself.

Links I talk about on this podcast: 

  1. Team Life Training, James Martin https://www.teamlifetraining.com/
  2. Get ahead in your business, hire an expert from fiverr for the task https://track.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=134521&nci=7011