EP20 - Create A Business Model For Your Wiring & Vision

Episode #20

In today’s episode I talk about: 

  • Why it is important to create a business model for your wiring and vision. 
  • Sticking with your online business model and why it is important. 
  • I tell you about my story of my original business idea, how mentoring actually sidetracked me for years!! 
  • How I didn’t stay aligned to my goal for years and why you should!! 
  • Building a business model that will take you to your vision.

Your business model is organic and yes it will change over time, however you are in charge! It is your business model. There are no rules but only to design your business model to match your wiring and your vision! We do more work on this in my Global Online Stars program. 

If you are wondering about your business model, this episode is for you!