EP22 - Why creating your product or service won’t sell itself!

Episode #22

In today’s episode I talk about how some people think you can create an online course and sell it! They think create it and they are done! It doesn’t work that way!

It takes clarity, creating, marketing and selling! Sometimes people think once the clarity work is done, they are finished! Probably because it took soo much energy to get clear and create the product they are done! However, if you understand that selling anything takes a journey from clarity of idea, creating, marketing and selling then you will be more prepared to keep going on the journey. You will understand that build and they will come does not work! 

Normal online selling rate is only 1-2%!! The means to get any sales you need to be in front of alot of people!! This is why we market you and your product. 

What does this mean?
If you sell to 1 person out of 100 that is a 1% conversion rate. 
If you sell to 10 people out of 1000 that is a 1% conversion rate.
If you sell to 20 people out of 2000 that is a 1% conversion rate.

So the more you want to sell the more people you must get in front of! However, I always think putting time into building good relationships can help improve your conversion rate. Once you get used to measuring your numbers you will begin to understand your own conversion rates and what works for you. 

However so many people do not do the work to increase their conversion rates due to online visibility issues!

In this episode I talk about how you can show up more and stop cheating yourself of the business you should have.