EP23 - 3 Fears You May Have About Growing Your Business Online

Episode #23

In today’s episode I talk about 3 fears you may have when developing your online business. 

Your online business REALLY challenges you to show up even more and be the best you can be! It challenges you to come out of your box that you have been in your whole life. 

  1. This first one can really hold you back from reaching your business goals and can affect your self confidence. How going online opens your self judgment box and how to get over it. 
  2. This second one can make you procrastinate getting things done and moving forward in your business. I tell you how you can quickly get over this fear and leap forward. 
  3. This third one you may not even know you have it, and once you realise you have it, it will help you unlock why you are not taking certain important actions in your business. 

This episode will really help you think about your own feelings about you in your business and how YOU can show up even more in your business to get better results.