Get Your First Sale, Setup Your Service Business Online Workshop

Get Your First Sale 

Online Jan 29,30,31 - 12-2pm GMT

Day 1 - Clarify Your Business

* Clarify your customers

 * Clarify your offers

* Clarify your message 

Day 2 - Setup Your Business Online

* Setup your business on social media 

* Discover the technology that will help you cheaply and easily.

Day 3 - Get Your First Sale 

* Setup your payment method 

* Make your first offer 

By the end of these 3 days, you will have got over any fear and procrastination holding you back from starting and you will have done it! 

It is Your Time! 

See you at the workshop!



P.S. I will never forget when I first made money online that PayPal ding! My kids even had a rhyme as we played in the playground and listened to the dings! "PayPal, PayPal we love PayPal"! It is time for you to get your magic out there, no more holding back, no more hiding.

I am so looking forward to helping you! 

See you on the workshop!

P.P.S. This workshop also has an affiliate payment with it, so if you invite someone to the course and they sign up you get 50% of what they paid! You will get your link for this once you sign up! 



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