Global Online Stars Program Full Payment

What You'll Get:

  • Pay for 1 year and get Life-time access, every year as long as the program is running!
  • Global Online Stars Program
  • Step Into Your New Identity As An Online Entrepreneur
  • Reboot Your Business Model To Maximise and Double Your Income
  • Get & Grow Your Business Online
  • Create Customers All Over The World
  • Create An Impact In The World
  • Finally, Shine To Your Full Potential & Purpose
  • Get clarity to create a customized business model that doubles your income.
  • Create multiple streams of income that include online courses, so you are no longer tied to tiring 1:1's.
  • Get over yourself, get visible online create global customers that want to buy from you.
  • Go Global From Home while in your favorite slippers!

I help new and tired established service businesses who lack clarity, who want to double their income and share their magic and business online with people all over the world, they have a whisper to go bigger but are full of fear. I help them in Global Online Stars to find the courage and clarity to go global from home with multiple streams of income online, all while in their slippers with their favorite cuppa!

What People Are Saying:

"I'm absolutely delighted I joined Global Online Stars that was one of my best decisions, I would still be in the Rat Race now if I had not made the move." I joined Global Online Stars as I knew I needed to move forward in my business but I wasn't sure how. I needed to implement processes that would improve my communication between me and my clients and staff and I wanted to also expand online in the future. What wasn't working before Global Online Stars was mostly planning and communication having a clear plan as to what my business would look like in the coming year and having that framework to be able to call on, so I knew what I had to do and scheduled time to do it. I was 22 years and business and never once had I asked for help and mentorship. I could feel something shifting in the business I knew I would move forward but I just knew I couldn't do it on my own, I needed expert advice and guidance and felt I owed it to my business and myself to seek professional mentoring. I was tired of doing it alone, it can be a very lonely journey as an entrepreneur. I'm glad I'm part of the Global Online Stars community, it really has helped in more ways than one, feeling part of the community that really gets you it's fantastic. Since joining Global Online Stars I have expanded so much, I now have an online membership site, I have 4 courses for sale online, I'm finally running my teacher training and certification and developed my very own unique dance teaching framework, the first in Ireland of its kind. I have a brand new website and a bright new future even during these terrible times (Covid19), my business is continuing to expand and grow. The framework is one of the best things I have done, it is giving me a clear understanding of what it is I am offering and the stepping stones I need to take in order to achieve it. Not only that it allows me to sell my expertise, offer my help and support and so many ways, so this has been the major breakthrough for me. In the Global Online Stars program, I have found helpful everything from the welcome call, right down to the 3-day intensive. The program allows you to learn so much, not just from your own experiences but from other problems and solutions, you may never have thought of, it's just fantastic. I have changed too since joining the program, I can definitely see I come to the desk more focused, with an action plan instead of spending hours pondering. I think designing the life I want and constantly realigning it with my business has been a huge change. I'm very passionate about my work and sometimes it takes over and everything else takes a second seat but since Global Online Stars I have slowly made the transition to putting myself first and asking anything else I take on, is it aligned with my mission and my business plan. I love the fact that we really are Global, speaking and hearing people in different countries all over the world, all wanting to help and change people's life. It's just amazing they are so supportive and as an entrepreneur, it can be a lonely world but the Global Online Star call is so important to me, it helps me touch base with myself and knowing I'm in a community that has got my back if I need anything, even if it's just a moan, it's something I have never had in my life, I truly appreciate it. I'm absolutely delighted I joined Global Online Stars that was one of my best decisions, I would still be in the Rat Race now if I had not made the move. I would highly recommend anyone who is sitting on the fence or just thinking about how they can move forward in their business, make changes for the better, take back their own life, if you learn how to detach from their business, create a master business plan, a framework, go for it! You won't be disappointed. I'm in Global Online Stars for just 1 year! My biggest achievement I am most proud of is setting up my Online Academy, was one of my big dreams. Being able to support students outside of the dance class especially those who may not be able to afford extra tuition, who may not be able to get to me, now I can come to them. Developing my own unique dance platform called FlexYoStyle. My next goal is to develop teacher training and certification which will be the self-study, with the view to run a VIP teacher training certification."

Kim Somers

Cristianna Blasutta Life Coach I feel more in charge of my business now. After the program, I was able to become more visible online and create my first online program. I didn’t have a strong presence online. I had no idea what were the smartest steps to take. After the program, I was able to become more visible online and create my first online program. I created my first online program with Martha’s expertise and her wonderful way of delivering her content. I feel more in charge of my business now. The support is amazing and I love it is a group of like-minded people with the same challenges. I would absolutely recommend it!I think it’s about a year since I joined the program. My next goal is to create another program! From Global Online Stars Program I was implementing a system, being able to consistently show up with my marketing, having a plan, and assessing it weekly.

Cristiana Blasutta

Full Payment of €5000

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