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The Sales Page Scripts and Template.

Simply fill it in and craft your offer, sales page, and social media posts to sell your offer! 

By filling this out you will craft your offer and get super clear. 

You will also have created a very clear sales page for your customer making it super easy for your customer to understand your offer and buy!

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S.O.S. Get Your Business Online In 3 Days


Program Summary

What you will get done in this program:

  • Take Your Idea to Reality and Create it!
  • Create a Sales Page
  • Create an Online Payment for your New Product
  • Create Your Online Product
  • Put Your Online Product For Sale
  • Learn How to Become more Visible Online

Let's Get You Out There To The World!

In this program, you will get over some of the stuff that has been holding you back from expanding your business online and you will actually get your business set up to start selling a product or service online! 

Are you excited??

When I first created this course I ran it live 3 times with 3 different groups. 

You are getting access to all 3 recordings of this program. 

The program breaks down to help you achieve the following: 

Day 1: Plan Your Offer 

  1. We help you clarify your vision, your mission, your brand and your technology you can use for this offer.
  2. Then we help you plan out an online product or service you can sell online. 

Day 2: Create The Offer 

  1. We help you clarify what you need for the offer. 
  2. We help you create a sales page for it. 
  3. We help you price your offer and understand how to charge.
  4. We give you an email script for you to send to your customer.
  5. We help you map out the offer content. 

Day 3: Offer The Offer 

  • How to offer your offer
  • 13 Ways To Becoming Visible
  • Create A Marketing Plan 
  • 12 Places to sell your offer

Bonus content included in the 3 bonus days with lots of Q&A which I know will also help you too!

Dive in, schedule the time to watch, learn and make sure you take the time to apply too!

Why not book 6 days with 3 hours each day to watch and work on this program. You will be surprised by how much you achieve by the end of it!

I believe in you, and your magic, you have got this!! 

What People Are Saying:

Martha and this course has given me the courage to just get online, forget about myself and serve others. I am excited about moving forward online and seeing the results. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Energetic, productive and inclusive. I started putting videos on my FB page, I created a business You Tube account. I created PayPal buttons for my website and I am putting together an online course, with two others courses in mind. I was stuck, I always wanted to go online, but had no idea how to do it and was trying to get known locally, but was doing a lot of faffing around!! I would definitely recommend doing this for anyone interested or even thinking about going online. It has given me the courage to just get online, forget about myself and serve others. I am excited about moving forward online and seeing the results. Martha is very friendly and encouraging, no matter what level or stage you are at.

I love that you are encouraging us to make it simple. What are we good at and just do that. I have gotten a lot of clarity around how needed my message is right now. No time for procrastinating.

Kristin Wagner